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Q. Why do I need an appraiser to tell me what the car's worth?

A. Many institutions and legal circumstances require a professional and unbiased appraisal. Some reasons to seek an appraisal include:

    Insurance valuation

    You do not want an insurance company adjuster with no specialized expertise evaluating the worth of your vehicle after an accident. Your best protection against such a scenario is a professional appraisal.

    Set a price for sale

    Whether you plan to sell through advertisement, eBay, or personal contact, it is critical to seek a competitive price for the vehicle. A professional appraisal may favorably sway an uncertain buyer and may assist that buyer in getting needed credit for purchase.

    Donation tax deduction

    The IRS requires an appraisal for any gift given to charity.

    Estate settlement

    A preemptive appraisal will make things easier for your heirs and may help to avoid overpaying of taxes.


    If this is your primary concern, you do not want your spouse to be the one determining the value of your assets!


    A pre-purchase appraisal could protect you against overpaying for a vehicle, or provide leverage with a seller who is overpriced, or it might just protect you from buying a vehicle with hidden conditional problems. You should not think about what a pre-purchase assessment of value will cost you, but instead how much it might save you in the end.

    Insurance claim settlement

    If you have just suffered an accident, you do not want to wrangle with your insurance company over the value of your vehicle without promptly seeking an expert appraisal. Your insurance company probably has little knowledge or interest in the complexities of returning your vehicle to show quality.

    Q. What qualifications do you have to appraise my car?

    A. I have been in the antique auto hobby for over 35 years, have professionally appraised hundreds of vehicles, judged hundreds more at automotive shows, and have specialized exclusively in appraising vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I have experience with a broad range of vehicles of various types and eras. You can learn more about my background on my personal page.

    Q. Is there any vintage vehicle you cannot appraise?

    A. I am able to provide sound and reliable appraisal of a wide range of antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and value the integrity and good name of my business more than anything else. It has always been my policy to assist those clients whose needs are in some way beyond my means, by referring them to other professionals who may be able to offer more specialized expertise in unusual cases.

    Q. What does your service include?

    Your vehicle will be appraised for value as an antique, classic, or special interest vehicle, using a wide range of source information, with a thorough in-person inspection. Condition will be determined inside and out, as well as under. You will receive a detailed outline of the automobile's condition and appraised value by mail, email, or phone.

    Q. Why not just an ordinary car appraiser?

    A. A typical appraiser is accustomed to determining the worth of a vehicle for its functional value and desirability as a working vehicle, not as a showpiece. With classic and collectible vehicles, factors such and aesthetics and scarcity outweigh the utility of the vehicle, requiring the appraiser to have a more expert eye and specialized resources.

    Q. How far will you travel to conduct an appraisal?

    A. I am located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, between Philadephia and Trenton, NJ. I will venture up to 25 miles one-way without charging for travel. I often travel much longer distances within the greater Delaware Valley. If you are interested in arranging an appraisal, you may submit the location of the vehicle and you will receive a prompt response regarding availability and cost.

    Q. Will I have written record of the appraisal?

    A. You will receive a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle with a narrative description of the various facets of its condition. No fill-in-the-blank or rubber-stamp forms, just an honest and descriptive appraisal.

    Q. How much will my appraisal cost?

    A. You will find my services to be very competitively priced, with no corners being cut. You may inquire about cost by submitting the details about the vehicle. Cost may vary based upon location and the inherent complexity of the appraisal.

    Q. Do I really need an in-person appraisal?

    A. Only if you want an accurate appraisal. ;)

    Q. How do I pay for your service?

    A. You may pay by credit card through Paypal, postal money order, cashiers check, or personal check. I allow a few days for personal checks to clear. Payment can be sent via FedEx, overnight mail, or first-class mail, as you choose.

    Q. How long will it take to receive the appraisal?

    A. An appraisal can usually be conducted shortly after payment is received. A written appraisal usually has a turnaround of a week. Please advise if your appraisal needs are urgent and I will do my best to oblige.
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